Surround yourself with people that reflect who you want to be and how you want to feel, energies are contagious.
— Anonymous

Melissa Kunde - Idea Architect. Action Chief.

Melissa, KÜCO Media's founder, is a force of enthusiasm, wisdom and intuitive smarts. She has an uncommon ability to mastermind solutions,  articulate visions and put them into actionable strategy.

A natural innovator and builder, she founded Furnish Publishing, one of the first real integrated media advertising and content company in 1996, and revitalized the relevance of radio in the digital age for the Portland Area Radio Council (PARC) and the Seattle Area Radio Association (SARA). Through her vast experience working clients & colleagues ( entrepreneurs, business owners, marketing executives and media leaders) - she has become know as an expert’s expert - leaving clarity, focus and momentum in her wake.

Sean Brady - Retail Guru. Brand Boss.

Sean, a 20-year marketing veteran of Nike Global Retail Brand, is a maestro of elevating the customer experience.

He brings his years of know-how working for the Oregon-based global company to the braintrustgiving our clients an innovative edge in delivering omni-channel consumer experiences that activate, engage and nurture brand love.

Melissa is an amazing business and marketing strategist.
— Cyndi Johnson, Marketing & Partnership Manager
Sean cuts to the essence of what really matters. harnesses that essence and turns it into “WOW!”. He knows, to the core, how to delight people and turn them into fans.
— - M. Kunde