Brand Architects

KÜCO Media Branding
The act of building a Brand is an intentional slow fast approach to nurturing steady growth business. It requires a deep dive into core values, strategy and work flow. This kind of work feels like busy work but when it’s done each decision is simple, each next action is clear and every stakeholder is mission impassioned.

What happens after that is unstoppable momentum.
— - M Kunde.

Brand Audit

Momentum starts here. We get excited helping you uncover the "Ahas"  that become the treasures of opportunity. These uncovered opportunites lead to clarity, confidence and focused execution. Our brand audit structures priorities and steers strategy.

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Brand Planning

We have a little motto: "Make the plan. Work the Plan."  Your big idea deserves a guided value system and vision that positions you and focuses your energy and budget. Smart marketing is driven by a plan that's emotive, defining, strategic and measurable.

Brand Design & Story (Name)

Everybody loves creative. It where most people start. We believe structure comes before creative. Why? Because high impact design is intentional it takes into consideration your customer, your competition, and the very essence and experience of your brand.

High impact design whether it's a logo, a website or packaging persuades, attracts, and anchors your customer's emotional buying decision.

Brand Plan Execution

This is where the rubber hits the road! It's doesn't matter what is creating business cards,   building a website, creating full funnel digital selling system, creating email, social and authority content, implementing local or global retail brand strategies or producing an event who know exactly how to get it done. 


Digital (Invisible Selling Machine) Action Chiefs

Social, Search, Content, Email, E-commerce, Paid Traffic & the Customer Value Journey

The Time is Now.

Never has their been a time in history where everyone has the opportunity to cost-effectively reach a value ready marketplace. Yet, each year the web grows, new marketing technologies change and audiences fragment. So, how do you make this overwhelming yet game-changing fast-pace digital echosystem work for you?

We Make Digital Marketing Simple And Accessible.

We'll create an "invisible selling system" for you or we'll teaching your team what to do and how to do it.

Either way, our focus is to help you woo new customer's with the targeted paid advertising, intentional search and value-based content.

As a Certified Partner of DigitalMarker we live with the inside crowd on the most cutting-edge "working" strategies in the digital marketing space.

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KÜCO Media Branding and Stratgy Firm Portland Oregon
Melissa is a force. She brings an enthusiasm and an energy to her work unlike I have ever seen. Exploring business technology & innovation she is a real trendsetter. She blazes new territories in business that affects change in a positive way for her business partners.
— - S. Scott Sr. Vice President, Revenue Portland TrailBlazers